Stage Red Studios is where it all began for me out here in LA.  I remember looking all over Los Angeles for a good comfortable studio that I knew I'd be spending a lot of time in. Michael Brown (Day Manager) and I spent days looking for the perfect spot, then we finally found Stage Red- right away we got to work, and  within about a month we recorded over 15 songs there.


One of my favorite memories working at Stage Red was my session with Rome (Sublime with Rome)… It was the first session I've ever been nervous in! The record came out amazing, and sounded great, we wrote the entire song on the spot. Guitar, beat, and vocals.


I referred other artists to Stage Red because its a great place to get the job done. It's so comfortable, and since it's in a tucked away private residence you can blast the music as loud as you want to, haha.


I recorded some of my best songs at Stage Red. Always felt like it was a get away spot for me. It was really where my project first began, and I was so lucky to find it.


My first two songs released this year were both recorded at Stage Red! Check them out here:

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Stage Red will forever be home to my first professional  recording studio experience in Los Angeles. I was first brought to Stage Red to write with another artist, and continue to work there with my own band, Tru and the Strays. I quickly grew to love the studio's comfortable and inspiring decor, which matches the friendly and creative vibe of the studio staff. Josh and Biajani have become good friends of mine. They are wonderful people and great to work with.  We collaborate on songwriting, producing, and live shows. I have used Stage Red to write/produce/record pop, rock, hip-hop, trip-hop and acoustic songs as well as radio commercials and app voice-overs. I am proud to bring clients into the studio and highly recommend it to friends in the music industry.


~Tru Collins~

Song Writer, Singer, Actress

Stage Red Studio has a great professional atmosphere. I would recommend Stage Red Studios to anyone looking to get behind the mic to record their next hit record. The studio has a great vibe, and will ultimately leave you feeling very creative. You will never have to leave either, because the staff at Stage Red Studios has put together a menu of places that deliver straight to the studio just for your convenience. With a great staff that makes scheduling & booking easy, Stage Red Studios should a perfect fit for you.

-Michael Brown

Brown Pen Publishing

Stage Red Studios has been a second home to me when I crawl out of my own studio! Josh and Biajani have been on point with everything I needed since day one. Josh always knows what sound/theme I'm going for and delivers. Biajani is always superb at making sure I am taken care of. On top of these awesome folks they have one of the best collections of modern digital and rare analogue gear in Los Angeles. Not to mention, top notch engineers and producers. The staff is extremely professional, flexible and accommodating. I love working with Josh and Biajani


-KourtneyKlein  (Army on the Dance Floor, Nitzer Ebb, Combichrist)

I started working at Stage Red for a guitar session and Josh was great. He knew my set up and figured my style, helping me to really nail down the licks. As I progressed there I went more and more even if I wasn't playing that session just to hang and listen and joke around. Really relaxed place. Josh and Biajani have supported our band Tru and the Strays since we met them. They live this stuff. Hit em up.

-Ben Goldsmith.

Our experience at Stage Red Studios was amazing! They treated us well and gave us many options, which made us feel good. The overall experience was awesome and we're really happy with the way the final result sounds.
We were in awe, full amazement; we definitely knew we wanted to work here again. We we're inspired to get involved in everything they had to offer us. They have a radical 2” Reel to Reel recorder. We would love to record analog some time in the near future. This place is a hidden gem.  Those that come here will continue to come back again and again. We're really thankful Felipe got us in there to capture our desired sound!

-NARC: Guitar and Vocalist -Lee Carlo Trinh Ramos

"I went to Stage Red Studios looking to get the best sound quality possible, and after hearing my songs  recorded there with their mics, recording programs, mixed, and mastered by Josh and Cory, I'm more than satisfied. Their work is incredible. They also really care about your project and do not just sit there, hit record and ignore you, at all. They give you great feedback and advice throughout your recording session to ensure the final song product is to the best of your musical ability. They're extremely professional, qualified, talented and more so, they're very good people. I fully endorse and insist any artist in any genre to make Stage Red Studio their home"

-Eternal Swift

I had a great time recording my EP album at Stage Red Studios. Josh was very helpful and provided high quality equipment and advice for all my sessions. Not only did I get a very professional sounding album, we were able work out an affordable rate to fit my budget. Biajani was always very friendly and  also great at keeping all the scheduling and billing very organized and manageable. They were both extremely flexible when it came to booking session time and working to fit my schedule.

Overall, from the first steps of tracking to getting all the tracks ready for mastering, it was a smooth and enjoyable experience. I had an awesome time putting together my album with the help of Stage Red Studios and will definitely be back for the next one.


Thanks Josh and Biajani, you guys were great!


-Brendan Flavin of Harrp